Angela Reflection

October 2021

“At all times, however, act on good advice and after serious thought.”
Third Counsel: verse 15
St. Angela’s Third Counsel addresses obedience to a higher authority. Here she speaks to the local leaders in relationship to the lady-governors of the Company. The word “obedience” comes from the Latin “obedire” which means “to listen to.” Usually, the first impulse when one sees the word obedience, is to think in terms of “do as I say” or “be subject to” or “to serve.” 

A more helpful approach is to think in terms of paying attention or understanding what is being said. In decision-making or choosing options, one’s maturity calls for seeking good advice, and serious thinking before a making a final decision. Decisions that are life-changing, or more permanent need time and considering pros and cons. 

St. Angela advises going to the feet of Jesus, seeking spiritual guidance if needed, reaching out to others for input and feedback—people who know us well. Sure, there are times when decisions have to be made on the spot, but our minds work quickly and can process information so that snap decisions are made. 

St. Angela invites us to be responsible in our deliberations, seek balance in our findings, be open to others’ input, and draw on our strengths. LISTEN to the Spirit at work in you; take the time you need when it comes to a serious decision, trust in yourself, trust in God. LISTEN to the voice of God around you. 

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity