Angela Reflection

April 2024

“Still, if you have something in your heart that disturbs you in them, you may rightly and without scruple talk about it in confidence with some person who is good and faithful in many respects and ways.”
Third Counsel

In the quote above, St. Angela is referring to how we should relate to those who are in authority, or administration. Her guidance is really for all who have to deal with conflict and misunderstandings. It would be naïve of us to think that friction and disagreements never occur. So how do we handle an uncomfortable situation or a difference of opinion or what seems a futile attempt to resolve an issue with authority?

St. Angela would first of all direct us to God and ask for guidance and wisdom. Place the concern in God’s hands and remind yourself that God is with you in the experience. Lean on God.

St. Angela also tells us that if we have some just reason to contradict or disagree, then do it with discretion and respect. Patience may also be required. She cautions us to always be respectful. One should always try to keep the integrity of the individuals intact. 

In order for us to keep our peace of mind, Angela advises that we seek out someone in whom we can place our trust and talk it out in confidence. Often it is in voicing our feelings and thoughts with someone we respect, someone who listens without judgment, who brings clarification and understanding. 

As Angela says “At all times, however, act on good advice, and after serious thought.” 

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity