Angela Reflection

June 2021

"...seeking to spread peace and harmony where you are..."
Fifth Counsel: verse 16

The Fifth Counsel of St. Angela shares her vision of how the members of her Company should live their lives as followers of God. One dominant theme in her writings centers on peace-making, the idea of spreading charity, respect, and harmony wherever we find ourselves. In our present-day experiences in our nation we surely can resonate with the desire for peace.

St. Angela lived in a time of war in her own country; she fled her beloved city of Brescia, Italy to stay in Cremona to escape the dangers and tumult. Our nation struggles still with the tensions of racism, political upheaval, economical and health-related issues and much more.

Charity begins at home. Isn’t that what we learned as children? Peace-making happens one person at a time. How we live, how we speak, how we relate, how we communicate—all challenge us to look at ourselves first and how we treat, react, respond and reach out to others.

Wherever we are, the opportunity is before us to mirror God’s love to others by our actions and words—two powerful tools!

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity