Angela Reflection

September 2020

"You have to thank God most greatly for having deigned to choose you to spend yourself in governing and safeguarding such a treasure that belongs to (God)."
Prologue to the Counsels

St. Angela, a servant of Jesus, reminds us that we are guardians of those entrusted to us by God in these unusual circumstances of Covid-19. We are in unchartered waters, so to speak, and the students are the treasures we are to companion and keep safe.

Whatever our role is in relationship to these young ladies, we call upon the wisdom and strength of God to carry out faithfully the task we have been given. We are all beloved in God’s eyes and we want to appreciate the differences of each one, learn to love the differences, and cherish what makes each one unique. St. Angela recognizes that the individuals also share a sameness.

God has given us the opportunity to help each person recognize that she is special, that she is a treasure to hold and keep safe, a gift from God to guard and protect. We are here to help each person to see herself as one of God’s children and that she is a gift to the world.

St. Angela tells us not to see this task as a burden, but as a gift in itself. Keep you eyes on God and don’t hesitate to ask for the grace and help you need to move forward. You are not alone.

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity