Angela Reflection

June 2023

“We always have reason to stand in awe.”
Second Counsel

Standing on the shore looking out over the ocean
Watching a sunrise or sunset over the mountain
Feeling the spray of water at Niagara Falls
Giving birth to your first child
Looking at the land below from a hot air balloon
Walking through the Redwood Forest
Visiting the Grand Canyon
….and the list goes on….

Moments of “awe” in nature provide us with an overwhelming understanding of God’s beauty and creation. We are often left breathless as we experience places on earth and photos from space that further the sense of wonder and awe in our lives.

Moments of “awe” are also found in people we meet or places we have been, or situations we find ourselves in, or experiences when we find ourselves in silence just gaping with wide eyes at something that strikes our senses in a mysterious way.

Moments of “awe” often move us into a contemplative mindset, or uttering words of praise and gratitude, or find us on our knees in prayer. Moments of “awe” bring out the mystic in us.

Moments of “awe” can be found in the slums, poor African villages, hospitals and hospice, buildings and artistic structures, sports, music, art, and poetry. Each day we rise and breathe in the morning air, we stand in awe, that we’ve been granted another day of living and loving.

Moments of “awe” can be once in a lifetime moments or if we look carefully, we can find something in each day that moves our hearts to say “Wow!” 

It might be worth our time to create our own list of awesome moments. Pay attention to the “Wow” moments in your life. Then, give thanks and praise. GOD IS GOOD!

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity