Angela Reflection

“A true friend is seen at the time of greatest need.” 
St. Angela Merici, the last counsel

October 2018

St. Angela Merici spent a lot of time with her childhood friends playing in the vineyards and fields of olive trees near her home in Desenzano, Italy. After her parents died she lived in Salo’ with her aunt and uncle and there learned of the friendship that relatives had to offer her. She later connected with the Franciscan Friars who showed her yet another type of friendship as she ministered in the city.

When she moved to the city of Brescia, friends became so important to her because she was new to the city and knew no one. The first woman she met was Caterina, who mourned the deaths of her husband and children. Angela became her companion during Caterina’s difficult time of grief and loss. 

Angela, through her relationship with Caterina, became acquainted with others in the city who became her lifelong friends as she continued to understand what God was calling her to do. These men and women sustained her in her prayer, her pilgrimages and her vision.

As we look at our own lives, the friends we have may have come to us for different reasons, yet they remain steadfast in their loyalty to us. We are all aware of the different types of friendships: an acquaintance, a relative or family member, a school or work friend, a good friend or a best friend or some who come in to our lives for just a certain time.

God’s love for us is made visible through our friends. Don’t forget to count God as one of your “best” friends.

Sister Donna Frey, OSU