Angela Reflection

December 2018

“See how love and harmony are a sure sign that one is on the right road and pleasing to God.” 
Tenth legacY
As the season of Advent becomes for us “the right road” to Christmas Day, Advent draws us into themes to reflect upon: waiting and anticipation, light, joy, hope and darkness. 

The seasons of Advent and Christmas, are meant to be times of peace, love and harmony. Families come together, people gather in their churches, the hustle and bustle of the stores for shopping, the cards, the decorations, the gifts—all are signs for us of moving towards a meaningful time spent together in our homes. 

The importance of Advent is in the understanding of Jesus as our savior and redeemer. He comes to us as a baby. We can all identity with what the birth of a baby does to our spirits and hearts—our faces light up, smiles, eyes twinkle and so much joy and hope in this child. 

Transfer that experience to Jesus in the arms of Mary, his mother, and what this child did for all who came to find him in Bethlehem. Jesus is our hope, our joy, and is pleasing to his Father.

May the season of Advent be truly a time for preparing our hearts for the coming of Jesus into our lives. All the other preparations are part of the anticipation of this birth, but it is the birth on Christmas Day that is the love and harmony we want in our lives and our world. May we bring peace, love, joy and harmony into our hearts and homes.

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity