Angela Reflection


"Soli Deo Gloria - For the Glory of God Alone"

“...for without doubt you will see marvelous things, if you direct everything to the praise and glory of his Majesty and the good of souls.”
St. angela, Prologue to the Counsels

What we do, we do not do of our power. It is with God’s grace and how we use the gifts and talents God has bestowed upon us that we accomplish what we do. Each of us has been gifted in certain areas and it is through the gifts of all of us in the SUA faculty and staff that the beauty of God’s plan emerges. If we all had the same gifts, the outcomes would be limited and not so creative. Together we move in beauty and love.

We often hear, “give credit where credit is due.” Through our hard work and passion for what we believe in as educators, parents, mentors and guides, we make every effort to enliven and energize one another so that our job becomes a ministry. It is with God’s help and grace that we can put passion in our work so that it becomes something we look forward to each day. St. Angela tells us that our vocation should not be a burden. 

If we keep God as the center of our lives and become more and more aware of God’s action in our daily lives, we will move toward an attitude of gratitude. God created us as special individuals with special gifts and it is our responsibility to then direct our praise and thanks back to God. 

When we co-create with God, we will see marvelous things happen. It is exciting to “create” and be a part of something bigger than what we can ever imagine.

“Soli Deo Gloria”  - for your glory, God, we work with YOU!

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity