Angela Reflection

October 2019

“ listening, they should only take pleasure in things that are honest, moral, and necessary.” 

When was the last time you listened in the evening to the crickets, tree frogs, wind, crackling of a campfire, or silence of the night?

Have you listened lately to music that calms your soul?  What other type of music moves your spirit and why?

When you go for a walk do you listen to the sounds of the trails, the sounds in the neighborhood, the passing traffic, or lack of traffic, the sounds of birds chirping or squirrels scattering in the trees?

Who do you listen to and why?

How do you tune in to the sounds of nature, the needs of those around you, your God trying to speak to your heart?

What sounds are most pleasing to you? Waves crashing on the shore?  Wind whirling around you during a rainstorm? Sounds of thunder?


Are you too plugged into digital devices to notice?  St. Angela is inviting us to “unplug” in order to plug into the fullness of life around us.  We need to “disconnect” in order to allow ourselves to hear God’s voice in the people and needs that cry out for our help.  There is so much good around us and we can be the gift that brings honesty, morality and kindness to the world.

Unplug and listen to “life” around you.


Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity