Angela Reflection

April 2020

"We always have reason to stand in awe"
Second Counsel

Another interpretation of St. Angela’s quote “We always have reason to stand in awe” is “We always have reason to stand in fear.” Fear is not necessarily always a bad thing; fear prompts us to act differently, think creatively or respond more rationally.

Fear can be thought of as being on the brink of wisdom. What fear can do to us is paralyze us so that we feel we can’t move forward; fear holds us back from speaking out, or acting responsibly, or standing up for what we believe. When we experience the gift of wisdom in ourselves or others we are encouraged, hopeful, and see threads of new understandings and insights.

“Awe” on the other hand implies a sense of wonder and amazement. If you really think about it, the two words “fear” and “awe” could mean the same thing. It becomes a matter of attitude and understanding. 

“Fear,” “Awe,” and “Wisdom,” are three powerful words that can motivate us to positive results and actions. All three words can refer to our Loving God who blesses us continuously with opportunities that reflect the goodness of God through people, events and experiences in our lives. 

Each day—let us notice one reason we have to stand in “awe.”

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity