Angela Reflection

April 2019

“Do everything with patience and charity.” 
Fourth legacy

Patience – be patient – have patience – patience is a virtue – we hear these words almost daily.

St. Angela knew what it meant to be patient. Early in her life she a had a vision that revealed to her that she would one day found a company of women devoted to God.  What that meant was not fully understood until she was 60 years old. 

All her life she waited and prayed to her God to understand what the vision meant and how this would come to be. Angela lived in her home town of Desenzano and briefly in Salo’ for 42 years before moving to Brescia where she died at age 65.

St. Angela experienced living in many different places, made four significant pilgrimages and ministered in Brescia by walking and visiting, listening, praying, counseling and being present to those who sought her out and those she sought. 

Some people have to be patient all their lives for something to happen; others spend long periods of time waiting for results of tests, surgeries, therapies; others find waiting just intolerable.

Patience is a virtue, something to pray for; a habit to develop; an attitude to integrate into daily living; a way of calming our selves interiorly; an approach to live in general.

All of us learn patience in different ways. Sometimes it is just as simple as taking a deep breath or saying and accepting that “it is what it is” and moving on.

No denying it – patience is a challenge.  Let’s meet it head on!

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity