Angela Reflection

September 2021

"Learn from our Lord, who when he was on Earth was like a servant, obeying the Eternal Father even unto death."
First Counsel: verse 6
In speaking to her local leaders, St. Angela Merici, focuses on three themes in this First Counsel: leadership as service, humble service and humble servants. Who better to model and imitate than our Lord, Jesus, in the scriptures! 

In watching how Jesus relates to others, we find him to be compassionate, sincere, inviting and humble. Jesus does not put himself above anyone else. Jesus takes time to be with others; Jesus takes time to listen; Jesus takes time to ask questions and often helps others come to the answers themselves. 

Jesus models for us what it means to be a servant in the gospel on the washing of the feet of the disciples that we usually hear on Holy Thursday of Holy Week. Reaching out to others to do an act of kindness comes natural to him and if we look at our own lives, this is often the case with us. It is only natural to say, PLEASE, THANK YOU, YOU ARE WELCOME, MAY I HELP. 

To be of service may sometimes call us to go beyond the “call of duty” and stretch ourselves to a greater challenge—not just doing what we feel comfortable doing, but sometimes what makes us uncomfortable. Jesus went to his death for us. How far will we go for someone we love? 

Learn from our Lord—read the gospel passages about Jesus in conversation with another, about Jesus who heals and comforts, who challenges, who encourages. Walk with Jesus; follow in his footsteps and feel the consolation he offers. Walk along the shores of the Sea of Galilee with him. 

Allow yourself to be humble, to be humbled, to be servant to one another. 

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Ursuline and Catholic Identity