February 2018 - Angela Reflection

"Live in harmony, united together in one will. Be bound to one another by the bond of charity."

St. Angela Merici - Last Counsel 1/2

In February Valentine's Day is meant to be a celebration of love. If only all people around the world would celebrate this day - everyday! What a wonderful world it would be! Being united in mind and heart - what a beautiful thought! Being bound to one another in a spirit of charity and respect - an amazing experience!

One of the Ursuline Core Values of Education is community. Many of the young ladies at SUA consider SUA a second home, a second family, a place that is safe and surrounded by friends. Student Council works hard to keep a positive and up-lifting spirit around the school. Faculty and staff work tirelessly with various groups, clubs, organizations, sports' teams and more to give the students as many opportunities as possible to feel included, involved and have a sense of belonging.

St. Angela Merici had many themes running through her writings and seeking community and harmony was one of them. She had such a passion about making sure that all her "daughters" felt that they belonged to God, and to one another. She encouraged them to respect one another, support one another and be there for each other. As God loved them, so she loved them.

The spirit of "sisterhood" and "community" lives on in our Alumnae and students remember for a long time how important this is.

Let us be bound to one another and bound to the love of God.

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