April 2018 – Angela Reflection

“Spiritual love is beyond comparison much more powerful than natural love.”
St. Angela Merici – 2nd Legacy/9

In her writings, St. Angela appeals to the maternal love of her lady governors who were widows and asked them to draw on their experience as mothers to help guide the members. What Angela wanted even more was for these women to become “spiritual” mothers, to guide them along a path leading to a relationship with God.

As parents and educators, along with Angela, we are to have interest and enthusiasm in preparing our “daughters” for their spiritual life and journey in their faith. Who God is to them is modeled and mirrored in the adults who are significant in their spiritual growth and development. How we live and share our faith is observed and is absorbed into the lives of our daughters, our students.

Angela invites us to raise maternal love to a higher level and does not hesitate to say that spiritual love can be more powerful. We know the story in the Old Testament of Abraham who was asked by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac. What a test of spiritual love and natural love!

Sometimes our faith is challenged, stretched, or questioned. Sometimes our faith is full of life, hope and growth. Our spiritual journey leads us to a deeper understanding of God’s action in our daily lives and challenges us to look hard at how we respond.

Walking the path to spiritual love with another seeker of faith makes the journey worth the time and effort.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone who needs a spiritual “lift.”

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