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The Arrows Athletic Program at St. Ursula Academy includes sponsoring 13 highly competitive and well-coached sports teams that lead athletics for young women in northwest Ohio. St. Ursula has won state championships in softball and volleyball, and a national championship in crew.

St. Ursula's Athletic program has the dedicated space and fitness equipment for your success. The field house at St. Ursula seats 1,100 fans and rocks with spirit at basketball and volleyball games. A fully equipped fitness room is open for athletes and all students seeking physical fitness. St. Ursula employs a full-time trainer. An indoor track is also available for workouts. Our dance studio, with a suspension floor, is perfect for SUA dance teams.

Congratulations on having a daughter willing to condition, train, and try out for a sports team. This is a great opportunity for her to learn life lessons as well as to use her skills and talents for the good of the team. You are an important part of this process and I ask you to reflect on the following as you guide her through this challenge. It is immaterial whether this is her first attempt or a natural progression of her continued participation.

It is possible to be cut from a team. Depending on the sport, the talent of athletes in a given year, the skill level of your daughter, and the number of girls trying out, some girls may not make the final cut. This is a life lesson. I hope you are discussing this possibility with your daughter and exploring some alternatives if this does happen. It is a disappointing experience, but with your positive support, another activity can be pursued. The CYO program in many sports is very competitive at the high school level.

Parents need to support the coach and sports program. Your daughter should not know if you do not appreciate the coaching style of the current coach. Another key lesson is to learn to work with the coach. It is the responsibility of the school to try to find a person who adheres to our mission and goals in his or her approach. It is key that you listen to your daughter and counsel her to meet team and personal expectations in a positive manner.

You need to be the most positive fans in the gymnasium or on the field. I am proud of our young women and parents in the school community. I am energized by the excitement and level of competition in our school. I expect only positive remarks toward referees, coaches, or players to be a part of any competition at St. Ursula Academy. We need to be upbeat at all times. As your daughter shares her perceptions and feelings throughout the season, be a good listener and help her process how to deal with situations without blaming other players, coaches, or the opposing team. Second-guessing is deadly.

Let the coach do the coaching. Let's be the most spirited fans in the city. May our side be the fullest and our cheering the loudest. Participation in sports is an important aspect of the SUA experience and growth for many young women. These are the expectations of the school for all parents.

I look forward to a competitive season with great enthusiasm.


Steve Parrill
Athletic Director

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