Block scheduling at SUA gives our students an academic edge. Students take four classes during the fall semester and four different classes during the spring semester. Each class is 80 minutes, allowing teachers to provide in-depth, uninterrupted interaction. It also allows SUA students more intense focus on subject matter. Another advantage: at the end of the semester, or students can concentrate on preparing for four exams, not seven or eight. With block scheduling, students can earn 31.5 units of academic credit for graduation, compared to the state-required 21.

Benefits of Block Scheduling:

  • Provides longer periods of instructional time
  • Allows more one-on-one interaction between teacher and student
  • Focuses on four courses rather than six or seven
  • Provides time to explore more interests in elective courses
  • Allows for acceleration in courses such as Math and World Languages
  • Encourages students to become active participants in the learning process
  • Assists students to develop as self-directed learners
  • Fosters strong relationships between teachers and students
  • Preparation for college and life. Focusing on 4 classes per semester simulates both a college schedule and work pace.
  • Improved course preparation leading up to the ACT exams in the Junior year. A student will have completed more overall coursework prior to taking the exam.

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