St. Ursula Academy has a debit card program that your daughter can use to pay for her lunch or purchase items while at school, such as spirit wear or tickets to athletic events. Parents may add money to this card in two ways:

  • Parents or students may bring cash or checks to the Main Office; one of the receptionists will then credit that amount to the card.

  • Parents may set up EZSchoolPay, which is a simple, convenient, and secure way to add money directly to the card by using a credit card.

Instructions for using EZSchoolPay

Go to to create an account.
1. Click on the “register” icon on the front page to complete the Parent Registration form.
2. In the next window, type in SUA’s ZIP code (43606) and click on “search.”
3. Check “St. Ursula Academy” and click on “use selected districts,” then close.
4. Check the box to acknowledge that you agree to the Terms of Use.
5. Click “save.”

Check your email for account validation instructions. Once you have validated your account, sign in to link to your daughter.
1. Login to EZSchoolPay with the new account you created.
2. Click on “my students.”
3. Click on “link student” or “add student.”
4. Type in last name and student number. (The student number is your daughter’s seven digit ID number that starts with her graduation year—ex. 2024111)
5. Click on “save.”

Once you are linked to your daughter’s account, you can access the account any time.
1. Click on “make a payment” to use a credit card to add funds to your daughter’s debit card.
2. Type the amount you would like to add in the “amount” window.
3. Click on “add to cart.”
4. Click on “proceed to checkout.”
5. Enter the payment information and click on “submit order.”

In approximately 30 minutes, the amount will appear on your daughter’s debit card.