Professional Development

» Draw Your Bow: Mental Health and Recovery

MAY 2022 Our featured speaker this month was Carolyn (O'Rourke) Paulus 95, Substance Abuse Counselor for Oriana House, Inc. Our facilitator was Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00.

» Draw Your Bow: How to Plan and Attend an Event Like a Pro

APRIL 2022 Our featured speaker this month was Colleen (Dandar) Tankoos 97, Assistant Director for the Maumee Chamber of Commerce. Our facilitator was Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00.

» Draw Your Bow: Taking a Leap of Faith

MARCH 2022 Our featured speaker this month was Kori Kawczynski 95, Account Executive for iHeartMedia. Our facilitator was Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00.

» Draw Your Bow: The Silver Lining of Failure

FEBRUARY 2022 Our featured speaker this month was Cara Pearson ’15, an Associate in Field Marketing, at Root LLC, a part of Accenture. Our facilitator was Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00.

» Draw Your Bow: Best Practices of Networking and Relationship Building in the Public Sector

JANUARY 2022 Our featured speaker this month was Veronica Morris 87, Manager of Development, for the City of Dayton. Our facilitator was Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00.

» Draw Your Bow: Flexing Your Intrapreneurial Mindset

NOVEMBER 2021 Our featured speaker this month was Dedra (Reiger) Lyden 00, Vice President of Health Policy and Strategic Partnerships at TherapeuticsMD.

» Draw Your Bow: Pursuing a Career in Animation Production

OCTOBER 2021 Our featured speaker this month was Elizabeth (Libby) Smith 11, Production Manager at Netflix.

» Draw Your Bow: Internships

SEPTEMBER 2021 Our featured speaker, Samantha (Neff) Hayes ’12, discussed how to obtain an internship that positively impacts your career. Our facilitator was Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00.

» Draw Your Bow: Women's Mental Health

AUGUST 2021 Featured speaker Cynthia Connor Wagenhauser 86 discusses women's mental health. She is the owner of Deep Roots Family Therapy in Toledo, Ohio. 

» Draw Your Bow: Women in Sales

MAY 2021 Alumnae panelists discussed tips on how to be successful in sales. We thank our panelists Rae Tiggs Perrin 91, Marcia (Hayes) Rubini 75, Sarah Marie Thompson 06, and facilitator Erin (Mowrey) Mies 00

» Draw Your Bow: How To Start Your Own Practice

APRIL 2021 Alumnae panelists discussed how to know if starting your own practice is a good choice and what to do when it is time to launch. We thank our panelist Denise Orphey (Mueller) Stollings ’90, Solo Practricioner at Law Office of Denise M. Stollings in Bryan, Ohio, and facilitator Erin (Mowery) Mies 00.

» Draw Your Bow: How To Navigate A Career Field Dominated By Men

MARCH 2021 Alumnae panelists covered how to navigate in career paths typically dominated by men. We thank our panelists Molly (Hartman) Nutt 05, Liz (Wittenberg) Limjuco 00, Eline Vermeulen 11, and facilitator Erin (Mowery) Mies 00.

» Draw Your Bow: What Women Need To Know About Taxes

FEBRUARY 2021 Alumnae panelists covered what women should know about taxes. We thank our panelists Gretchen (Spieker) Welch 03, Jill (Muszynski) Blakeman 00, Kathy (Korhumel) Dise 71, and facilitator Erin (Mowrey) Mies 00.

» Draw Your Bow: Giving and Receiving Feedback That Doesn't Get Ignored

DECEMBER 2020 Alumnae panelists covered what has worked and what are still challenges when giving and receiving feedback from a female perspective. We thank our panelists Brittany (Futrell) Hanien 03, Kelly (Moon) Nobles 02, Jasmine (Perryman) Smedley 00, and facilitator Erin (Mowrey) Mies 00.

» Draw Your Bow: The Challenges and Triumphs of Being a Woman Business Owner

NOVEMBER 2020 Alumnae panelists discussed the highs and lows of running your own business. We thank our panelists Erin (Mowrey) Mies 00Crystal (Purifie) Taylor ’87; and Lisa (Antoine) Wilczynski ’77; facilitator and SUA Board member Aly Sterling P 16, 20, 25; and contributor Emmah Leu ’20.  

» Draw Your Bow: Developing Through Career Change

OCTOBER 2020 Alumnae panelists discussed how they navigated through changing their career paths. Thank you to panelists Amanda Eich ’95Lauren (Collins) Myers ’05, and Mary (Conlisk) Werner ’74, as well as facilitator Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00 and contributor Erin McCarthy-Cline ’05.  

» Draw Your Bow: Networking Through Change

SEPTEMBER 2020 Alumnae panelists discussed networking in order to relocate, in a new career path, and when you have no other choice. Thank you to panelists Felicia (Roberts) Dunston ’88Meghan (Hipp) Loomis ’09, and Niki Repass ’01, as well as facilitator Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00 and contributor Abigail Allen ’15.

» Draw Your Bow: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AUGUST 2020 Alumnae panel focused on educating and taking action for racial justice. Thank you to panelists Dr. Hope Cooks Bland 84, Dr. Staci Perryman-Clark 00, and Alison (Traudt) Strohm 04, as well as facilitator Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00 and contributor Carillon Young 15.

» Draw Your Bow: Using Your Strengths to Move Forward 

JUNE 2020 Alumnae panel focused on career aspirations, resume writing, networking, and work as an independent contractor. Thank you to panelists Aimee Cole-Laramore ’88Emily Gibb ’06Meghan (Hipp) Loomis ’09, and Bailey (Giacci) Ulrich ’07, as well as facilitator Erin (Mowrey) Mies ’00 and contributor Christina Sullivan ’14.

» Setting Up a LinkedIn Account and How to Use it for Professional Networking

MAY 2020 Presentation provided by Alana (Edmunds) Smith 04, Senior Project Manager, Video & Live, at LinkedIn.