Self Care: Sydney (Williams) Spraw '01

It is rare to come across someone who knows exactly what she wants out of life. As a young girl, Sydney knew she did not care for the taste of milk, so she began her vegan journey, which eventually led to a holistic lifestyle. Holistic living employs mindful and informed choices, self-study, and education as a way of life so that an individual can have control of his or her own healing. She learned to listen to her body so that, even early on, she would eat foods that made her feel good. Soon she discovered that she also liked to move her body. Eventually, Sydney found several ways to incorporate physical and mental self-care into her lifestyle through food and exercise—not by looking for a quick fix, but by making a thoughtful plan.

Sydney came to St. Ursula Academy after her freshman year and transitioned into the SUA sisterhood by joining the crew team as it was on its quest towards winning at Nationals. Her mom (Jane Krueger Williams '73) and aunts (Deborah Shenefield '71 and Mary Pinzone '78) all attended SUA. Sydney graduated from SUA in 2001 and went to Ohio State University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in Art History, with a focus on ceramics. Afterward, although she had many career options, she decided, with encouragement from her dad, to pursue an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from University of Toledo.

Sydney can truly say that she is at the top of her game. Recently nominated for the prestigious "20 Under 40" Award, she has been recognized for being actively involved in the community. And now with a doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology, she definitely brings her "best self" to everything she does.

Sydney continues her holistic life journey and is willing to share her experience with others. She is still keenly aware of what her body likes and what it doesn't. From the desire to exercise five to seven times per week to staving off instant gratification by cooking food from the farmer's market at home, Sydney is always in search of the best way to take care of herself. As the president of Designetics, she can be seen around the office carrying a tumbler of green juice. She has learned to load up on specific vitamins to keep her immune system strong. She has also taken on the responsibility to make sure her employees have a positive work-life balance, as she does. For example, her company offers Lunch & Learn sessions to educate employees on topics such as the benefits of eating in-season foods. The company also invites trainers to come in for exercise challenges and even offers tools to help individuals understand different communication styles.


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