Self Care: Julie (Welnick) Hagenbuch '88

Julie (Welnick) Hagenbuch '88 and Sarah Lockyer have joined forces intentionally, to offer 'create-your-own' flower bouquet, just because.

Julie and Sarah first met while students at SUA. They instantly bonded and have had a strong friendship throughout the years. They stayed connected when Julie went off to college. Overtime Julie found her niche as a Communications professor at Bowling Green State University, where she focuses on journalism and public relations. Having taken florist classes, she recently had an epiphany to join forces with her friend Sarah, whose husband has a collection of antique cars, to start a mobile florist business. They eventually settled on the name, Flowerology 419.

Neither owner wants to take away from local florists, so they make sure to work with them to extend their offering of flowers. They support local. One of their favorite pop-up locations is SIP Coffee, in Cricket West, owned by Courtnay Cousino '95.

While there are some who wish they would receive flowers, these ladies know that to have what you want, you can often get it yourself. Choosing the flowers to include in your bouquet gives you the pleasure of getting exactly what you want. Flowerology 419 has two price points to allow for weekly purchases. If gift-giving warms your heart, your hand-chosen bouquet is also an option. You don’t have to wait to receive flowers, you can get them for yourself.

As Julie shared, 'People talk a lot about self-care. To us, that means treating yourself to fresh flowers!'

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