Arrows Making an Impact: Hayley Witherell '06

Hayley Witherell's expertise lies in the technology field and is fueled by Hayley’s lifelong fascination with the internet's global connectivity and the potential for automation. Hayley explains, "Growing up in the ’90s, I enjoyed creating websites and participating in web communities."

Hayley attended a coding school, leading to a role as an engineer specializing in biopharma lifecycle management software. Currently, Hayley works as a developer for a 3D education software company and volunteers at a free coding school for under-represented adults.

Hayley established a Slack social community "Neurodiversity In Tech," with the aim of creating a space for sharing resources and relatable, lighthearted memes. The community's rapid growth proves the demand for an inclusive hub that fosters support and camaraderie among neurodiverse individuals.

Hayley shares, “Neurodiversity is about recognizing and respecting various ways of perceiving and navigating the world. It embraces differences in the human brain and is often associated with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. It originated from the autism rights movement, which sees autism as a valid way of being, not a disease that needs to be cured.”

In reflecting on experiences since graduating high school, Hayley highlights the significance of seeking empathy during life stages. Hayley explains, "For individuals in the tech space who are neurodiverse, navigating life and the workplace can pose additional challenges. Compassionate understanding is crucial, especially during the transition into life after high school.”

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