Inside SUA: Kim Shockey

Kim Shockey
Director of Academics and AP Coordinator

How long have you been a part of the SUA community?
10 years

What is your position/affiliation to SUA?
I am the Director of Academics and AP Coordinator. For eight years prior to my current position, I taught mathematics, specifically Pre-Calculus, Statistics, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics.

What are you most proud of being affiliated with SUA?
I am most proud of all the students I have worked with and their many successes. Personally, I am proud of growing the statistics program over the years. I feel I have helped nurture a passion for math in our students, specifically towards statistics, as they became better consumers of data and information. It is always rewarding when past students share the ways their experiences in the math and statistics programs have benefitted them later in their lives.

What SUA Core Value is most meaningful to you, and why?
 is most meaningful to me. It is special when you feel a sense of belonging in the place you spend time. SUA offers a truly nurturing environment where we can learn and grow with each other. The fact that students enjoy coming back to visit and share their experiences after graduating shows the strength of our community atmosphere.

How she has impacted students:
"I had Mrs. Shockey for Pre-Calculus and Statistics. She inspired me to declare Statistical Methods as a minor at Miami University. She was truly one of the best teachers at SUA; she cared about her students and wanted everyone in her class to succeed. She left a lasting impression on me and was a big contribution to my love for SUA!"

- Skyler Montaine '19

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