Inside SUA: Ellen (Loeffler) Kalinoski '77

Ellen (Loeffler) Kalinoski '77
Visual Arts Faculty

How long have you been a part of the SUA community?
50 years

What is your position/affiliation to SUA?
I graduated from SUA in 1977. Our three daughters graduated from SUA (in the classes of 2008, 2010, and 2013). When my oldest was a junior, I was asked if I'd like to teach photography classes because I have a photography business, so I've been teaching Photography at SUA for 16 years. I love being here—it’s such a vibrant atmosphere! 

What are you most proud of being affiliated with SUA?
I’m most proud of being part of a vibrant art department and school, and the strong education and whole person development that our daughters received, which helped them to excel and lead in their careers and life passions. 

What SUA Core Value is most meaningful to you, and why?
I believe the core values of Community, Academic Excellence, and Development of the Whole Person resonate most with me. My closest lifelong friends are from SUA; the bonds and support we created while at SUA have endured the test of time. I believe all students are highly prepared for college when they graduate. I also think SUA does an excellent job of developing the whole person, from service to others to spiritual growth to leadership; it's the whole package to prepare you for life!

How she has impacted students:
“Mrs. K is one of the most supportive, kind-hearted teachers I have encountered at St. Ursula. In addition to being a creative and thought-provoking photography teacher, she genuinely wants to get to know her students and is concerned about their happiness—both in and out of the classroom. I sought out opportunities for photography outside of school, and she was always more than willing to offer her assistance and guidance. She really inspired a love of photography in me and my fellow classmates. I would strongly recommend taking a class with Mrs. K.”  
- Anna '24


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