Inside SUA: Holly (Shiple) Martens ’05

Holly (Shiple) Martens '05
Director of Finance

How long have you been a part of the SUA community?
As a student in 2001 and Director of Finance since 2019.

What is your position at/affiliation to SUA?
Director of Finance and Administration

What are you most proud of being affiliated with SUA?
St. Ursula is a great community. The warm welcome and friendly touch when I walked back in the door to interview was the exact same as when I went to high school here. There were different people here during each of these time periods, but the spirit of St. Angela Merici must live on through our halls no matter what!

What SUA core value is most important to you and why?
The core value most meaningful to me is Development of the Whole Person. This value was instilled in me the most as a student here. I have never been the top honors student, nor did I get involved in a large number of activities, but teachers still provided me with the same love,  support, and care as the person next to me. The faculty and staff at St. Ursula Academy believed in me and knew I would figure out my next calling in life. Little did I know at the time that my first accounting class, taught by Mrs. Antonio during my junior year, would provide me with a foundation to help the school financially 17 years later!

How she impacts students...
"Mrs. Martens will always be there for you when you need anything. I remember the first time I had to drop something off in her office in 7th grade. I was a bit nervous, but her welcoming personality makes all the nerves go away. If you are free or just need someone to make you laugh or make your day better, Mrs. Martens is the person to go to for sure."
- Brooklynn Highsmith ’25


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