Inside SUA: Beth Porter

Beth Porter
Faculty, Science

How long have you been a part of the SUA community?
I began teaching at SUA in the 2009-2010 academic year. 

What is your position/affiliation to SUA?
HS Science Teacher (Chemistry) and Science Department Chair

What are you most proud of being affiliated with SUA?
I am most proud of being able to teach in an all-girls environment and seeing the implications that has on their world view. The focus here is always on empowering our young ladies and teaching them to confront gender inequalities that they may encounter in the world.

What SUA Core Value is most meaningful to you, and why?
Development of the Whole Person is the core value that’s most meaningful to me. Each young lady is so much more than individual labels that stick so easily, like athlete, math-minded, or social butterfly, for example. We can be as many of those things as we want to be, and by focusing on a well-rounded skill set, many more opportunities become visible to us.

How she has impacted students:
“Mrs. Porter is a lovely teacher and person. She knows just what to say and how to say it. She is quiet and quick-paced, but also an amazing teacher and an understanding person. She knows that some of her students are kinesthetic learners, visual learners, and audio learners, so she teaches in all those ways. She lets us draw information on the board, on our desk, and in groups.

When I signed up for a health and science medical program at University of Toledo, I needed a teacher's recommendation. I emailed her about it, and she wrote a recommendation and sent it to me within two days.  She spoke very highly of me and wished me nothing but the best.

If you ever want words of encouragement or someone you can talk to, you should go to Mrs. Porter!”

-Masiah Crawley '24

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