Do You Remember Mark Dubielak?

Mark Dubielak
Theology Teacher, Labre Moderator

How long have you been a part of the SUA community? 
23 years.

What is your position at/affiliation to SUA?
I am a theology teacher and the Labre moderator. My sisters Cynthia (Dubielak) Yeager '79 and Julia(e) Dubielak '85, as well as my daughter Katie Dubielak '13, are alumnae.

What are you most proud of being affiliated with SUA?
St. Ursula Academy takes empowering women seriously. If I can help young women to realize their value and recognize that, if they choose to push themselves, they can achieve great good in the world, then I have done my job. That's what I try to do with Labre. I try to introduce our students to the underprivileged. Many students--and I could say the same about myself 45 years ago--need help to see that the poor are our brothers and sisters who deserve our attention and care.

What SUA core value is most important to you and why?
While I am drawn to say "Development of the Whole Person," I think that my actions at SUA these days say "Service." Acting with mercy, being other-centered, and looking for God in every person and situation--that is at the heart of the Gospels, indeed at the heart of all the world's great religions. I think I'm making progress towards practicing those ideals in my own life, and they have made me a better person (I hope!).

How he is impacting his students...
"Mr. Dubielak is the finest example of a person living his faith. Mr. D is consistently playful and quick-witted while he acts as the moral compass of our school. Entering his classroom to hear his music playing and to see his posters calling for peace and justice, I know that I am in a safe place, one in which I will always be cared for and respected. Receiving peace signs and greetings of “Hey, Kate, how are you?” have been some of the greatest joys of my St. Ursula experience." 
— Kate Polizzi '21 


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