Arrows Making an Impact: Colleen (Falke) Errington ’93

Colleen (Falke) Errington ’93 attended SUA for the amazing academics and community. She had watched the SUA community throughout her childhood because her mom, Carol (Neary) Falke ’59, was a theology teacher at SUA for decades. She couldn’t wait to be a part of the SUA community. While a student, Colleen participated in several SUA plays, held class officer positions on Student Council, and participated in multiple service activities and trips, all while dancing with the Toledo Ballet Association. 

After graduating, Colleen earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Ohio State University and a master’s degree in social work from University of Chicago. She worked as a therapist in Chicago schools and in community mental health in Bowling Green, Ohio.

One of her sons was diagnosed with autism at age four. Despite her career and schooling, she needed to learn more to help her son overcome his many challenges related to social interaction, rigid thinking and behavior, speech and fine motor delays, and relationships to others and the “outside world.” While studying autism, she felt a calling to help other moms who were navigating a similar journey with their children.

She connected with mothers through advice on health, fitness, a positive mindset, and self-care. She also shared her family’s story on social media posts, in conversations, in one-on-one coaching, and even in videos and speaking engagements.   

“With autism, there’s no one prescription or therapy or intervention that works best; you must determine what works for each person’s unique challenges.”

“Our son has blown us away. He is graduating from St. John’s Jesuit this spring and planning to live independently while attending University of Toledo in the fall. This milestone is his accomplishment and his dream. I was simply his advocate and his biggest cheerleader along the way.”

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