The Learning Commons (TLC)

The Learning Commons (TLC) is a one-stop resource center where professional educators offer content support, research assistance, and academic coaching to every student to help her reach her highest academic potential in an encouraging atmosphere.

The friendly and open atmosphere of the TLC encourages students to stop in for quick assistance or to attend prearranged tutoring sessions.

Students often begin their day in the TLC, where they might be reviewing for an exam, printing an essay, or organizing work for their classes. They might stop by during their lunch period to receive proofreading help or check out a resource. Or, they might meet classmates after school to prep for a group presentation. With so many resources available to them in the TLC, students take full advantage of this educational space.  In fact, our data shows 81 percent of students use the TLC each year.

Specialized services offered by educators in the TLC include writing consultations, state test support, ACT and SAT preparation, and specific exam reviews—as well as any specific kind of support a student might need.