MacBook program

All St. Ursula Academy students receive Apple MacBook Air laptop computers.

Our One-to-One Apple MacBook Program puts a computer in the hands of each student and her teachers, elevating teaching and learning to new heights where global knowledge, textbooks, student files, and communication are within reach at any time.

This innovative program allows teachers and students to do the following:

  • Incorporate MacBooks into daily classroom learning
  • Use on-line textbooks and supplemental activities
  • Create multi-media projects
  • Participate in on-line live discussion forums

The MacBook program offers many benefits to students for current coursework and college preparation.

  • MacBooks provide for varied learning styles, links to resources, and real-time practical applications, which allows each girl to work at her own pace and seek out essential resources as she completes her assignments.
  • Students and teachers can communicate in and out of the classroom—so learning doesn’t stop when class is complete.
  • The MacBooks are upgraded each summer with textbooks, as well as current and widely used software (such as Microsoft Office and the Adobe suite), so students are always using the latest technology.
  • The program aligns with college computer-based learning, which is common in most universities and allows our students to become comfortable with this type of instruction method before they arrive on a college campus.