SUA Leadership Program

At St. Ursula Academy, leadership, an Ursuline Core Value, has always been integral to our mission to prepare young women for college and for a life of meaning. Its value and impact in the SUA community cannot be overstated. Leadership in SUA students and our graduates is real and concrete, and yet intangible and subtle. But people know it when they see it, and they see it in our Arrows.

And now, through the addition of the SUA Leadership Program, our students, faculty and staff, parents, and administrators will benefit in innumerable ways from the enhanced curriculum and opportunities that only this school—and this program—can deliver.

The Perfect Fit for SUA

Building on SUA’s long history and foundation of developing young women as leaders, in Spring 2021, President Mary Werner and Principal Nichole Flores announced SUA’s selection as the first school in the nation to provide a four-year, applied neuroscience- and evidence-based leadership curriculum for high school girls taught during the academic school day. Advised by some of the world’s top thought leaders in coaching and leader development, The Leadership Program has received international recognition as a “leadership and management idea with the potential to change the world.” (Thinkers50 Radar List 2021).

The SUA Leadership Program is a nine-week, required course for every high school student. The curriculum is delivered within a best-practice leadership development framework that innovatively engages both faculty, as certified in-school Leadership Coaches, and students, as learners and peer leaders.

Every type of leader—the quiet girl in the back with creative ideas, the organizer, the collaborator, the courageous speaker—will enhance her skills, grow beyond her expectations, and find the tools she needs to be a life-long leader—in her own style—in her career, family, and community.

The program was developed in partnership with girls’ leadership experts from the following institutions:


Leadership Courses

Student Leaders Grew in Confidence and Purpose

“I have learned that anyone and everyone can be a leader, whether they are standing in the corner or right under the spotlight. I will incorporate the lessons I learned into my daily life—in my tennis playing, in my performances and rehearsals, in my relationships with family and friends, and in my academics.”
Madison Repass ’25

“I loved getting to know my classmates! We did many engaging activities where we got to talk to each other, work together, and say positive things about one another. This class helped me build strong bonds and form friendships.”
Audrey Vendemo ’25

“After completing the course, I found that I was far more confident and aware of my self-worth. I now approach every challenge with confidence and an open mindset to overcome it.”
Lily Eberly ’25 

“I learned how to use my strengths as a leader, and it has changed my confidence to lead—even in a quiet manner.”
Grace Spenthoff ’25


“The leadership class focused on so many aspects of my life, including building my confidence in public speaking. I can already tell that this course has improved my public speaking exponentially.”
Ashley Wagner ’25



To learn more about the impact of evidence-based leadership development for girls, SUA's collaboration with Julie Carrier—a global authority on leadership development for young women—and the distinguished leadership development experts who advise The Leadership Course curriculum at SUA, please visit the link below.