Junior Academy

Our Junior Academy meets the academic, social, and spiritual needs of students in grades 6-8. The JA program is designed to seamlessly tie Ursuline education foundations with the unique needs of middle schoolers while preparing students for high school. With an emphasis on meeting our JA girls at a place that works solely for their age group, we tailor curriculum, service opportunities, and social messages to give our students the most impactful middle school experience possible.  

Our JA girls have their own wing of the school, so they are most often with their peers. However, we have also strategically designed opportunities for our young ladies to connect with both their peers and high school sisters during all-school liturgies, picnics, and assemblies.

The rigorous academics of the JA foster a love of learning, intense curiosity, and high personal expectations for our students.

Strong Academic Offerings

Our core curriculum includes math, science, social studies, English and language arts, and theology, while a full slate of electives allows our students to hone in on their special interests. Electives include world languages, music performance courses, and technology classes.

Options for High School Courses

Some students may be allowed to take high school courses, based on completed prerequisites, areas of academic strength, and a growth mindset approach.

Extended Class Time

Our 80-minute classes allow for a better understanding of course curricula, including review and question time. Built into these classes are interactive lessons that allow girls to actively participate and learn through hands-on activities.

21st Century Skills

JA classes stress collaboration among students through project work, as well as multiple opportunities to enhance presentation skills and focus on creativity—which are all skills valued by 21st Century employers.

In addition to the rigorous curriculum taught by educators who specialize in teaching middle-school students, we have embedded messages and expectations of success to empower these young ladies to grow in confidence, faith, and strength. 

While our emphasis on academics is of utmost importance, our JA also offers a time and place for social and emotional development.


Our JA students build relationships with girls in their grade, with girls in different grades, and with their teachers and other SUA community members. We emphasize trust and respect in these relationships; we also focus on compassion, kindness, and positive peer interactions.

Critical Thinking

Through daily reinforcement of critical thinking skills, we see students become more reflective in their actions and words, more ethical and wise in their daily decisions, and more willing to be contributing citizens to the world around them.

Positive Female Role Models

Our JA teachers and administrators are not only subject-matter experts, but they are also role models to their students in terms of living their faith, being compassionate, and working to the best of their abilities.

Family and Community Involvement

Our JA faculty and staff know that it takes a full team to educate a young girl in today’s society, so we actively involve parents and our community in many of our events.


Integrated into every part of the JA curriculum and experience is faith; it is the core of the Ursuline education.  We focus on a Catholic identity theme each year work on service projects as a community.