"Women In..." Series

Because the St. Ursula Academy faculty and staff feel so strongly about young women becoming leaders and self-advocates, we offer four elective classes in our “Women In…” series to help them envision themselves in future careers.

Women in Business

This course exposes students to many aspects of business, including finance, management (human resource, operations, and organizational leadership), management information systems, entrepreneurship, international business, and marketing. The flexibility of each program allows each student to pursue areas of special interests.

Women in Digital Arts

Women in Digital Arts is a comprehensive applied arts course and pre-professional class. Students learn to work with various digital media, such as imaging, photography, layout design, video, and animation. The course covers a wide range of skills and uses of digital media for real world application, including marketing, advocacy, education, medical imaging photojournalism, and entertainment. 

Women in Leadership

This course allows students to uncover and understand the unique challenges, constraints, and opportunities that face women today as they ascend to leadership positions in organizations. Topics include recognizing the dynamics of power, authority, and influence; being different; managing multiple roles; and managing social expectations of women.  Concepts and research insights from psychology, sociology, and business are part of the curriculum.

Women in Health Science Professions

St. Ursula Academy partners with the University of Toledo College of Medicine to offer this monthly seminar. The program introduces students to the wide range of career options in the health sciences allows them to observe the clinical aspects of health care in a teaching environment. In addition to the monthly sessions, students research a topic stemming from one of their shadowing experiences.