St. Ursula Academy’s focus on leadership is unmistakable in everything we do—both in the classroom and in the many extracurricular activities in which the girls participate.

Academic Leadership

In the classroom, girls lead small group discussions and projects. They present information formally and informally in front of their classmates. They volunteer to read aloud and answer questions. They confidently raise their hand to share their thoughts. They become comfortable speaking their minds and taking on responsibility.

We also offer academic courses in leadership—because we feel girls can’t get too much instruction on what lies ahead in their college and career experiences. 

Leading Self

This required course for sophomores discusses the basics of leadership—the traits and characteristics one needs to lead. While leadership has many parts, one of the core foundations of leadership is knowing and understanding oneself first. Students learn about themselves to understand the elements needed for leadership success.

Women in Leadership

This course allows students to uncover and understand the unique challenges, constraints, and opportunities that face women today as they ascend to leadership positions in organizations. Topics include recognizing the dynamics of power, authority, and influence; being different; managing multiple roles; and managing social expectations of women. Concepts and research insights from psychology, sociology, and business are part of the curriculum.

Extracurricular Leadership

SUA girls lead their peers in athletic and extracurricular situations. They are captains for their sports teams and Student Council representatives.  They research and propose new ideas to school administration about service programs. They organize fundraisers. They take responsibility for an entire project or process—and carry it through to completion.

Breast Cancer Bowl

The students on our Executive Student Council created and organized a Breast Cancer Bowl, an annual flag football game between Toledo Catholic schools. All the proceeds go towards The Victory Center. The 2019 Breast Cancer Bowl was held on October 13, and it was the fourth consecutive year our students have orchestrated the event.

They learn what it means to lead others, to stay on task, to be a strong voice. And that’s a life skill that will last forever.