All-Girls Education

Leadership, confidence, courage: a single-sex school fosters these essential traits in young women. 

At St. Ursula Academy, we see our students take on leadership roles in class, on teams, and in organizations. We watch them grow in confidence as they try new activities, raise their hands in class, and become self-advocates. We observe them realize that they are intelligent, worthy, and unique.

“I was very shy and unsure when I entered SUA. I left a leader and a strong woman. I left with a faith that I still carry with me and a need to serve. SUA played a huge role in who I am today.”
Kathleen DeGroft Blake '91

According to a recent study by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, students from all-girls schools demonstrated higher levels of academic achievement, higher SAT scores, and more confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills. They also engaged more in politics, showed greater interest in engineering careers, and were measurably more self-confidence in public speaking.

(Source: The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools)

The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools reports the following information:

  • In an all-girls environment, young women are the voices in their classrooms.  Studies show that in co-ed classrooms, girls are called on only 21 percent of the time
  • College professors report that students who attended an all-girls high school raise their hands more often in class, attend office hours more frequently, are self-advocates, and repeatedly act as classroom leaders.
  • Girls are free from stereotypes in an all-female environment.
  • Girls’ school grads are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology in college, as compared to girls who attend coed schools.
  • Nearly 96 percent of girls’ school students report receiving more frequent feedback on their assignments than their counterparts at coed schools.
  • Nearly 99 percent of students at all-girls schools expect to earn a four-year degreeMore than two-thirds expect to earn a graduate or professional degree.


“SUA was an amazing four years. I talk about how much I appreciated the all-girls high school experience all the time. It really facilitated my academic and personal growth. My confidence in myself increased ten-fold at SUA.”
Megan Bodie '11