College Quest

SUA’s College Quest Program Guides Girls to Their Best College Choice

St. Ursula Academy academically prepares its students to enter college—and has been doing so for more than a century. But how do those students choose which college to attend? How do they find the right fit?

One method SUA uses to ensure its students and families have the best information on the college decision journey is College Quest, a unique “road map” that helps students navigate the many factors that go into choosing the right university. SUA is the only high school in the country to offer this comprehensive program; in fact, College Quest was custom-created for SUA by Root Learning, located in Sylvania, Ohio. 

Set up to mimic a board game that simulates a journey, the College Quest “exploration” sessions move each student a little closer each year to her college destination. Sessions begins with freshman students and families, and, in conjunction with multiple one-on-one sessions with SUA’s College Counselor for the next three years, culminates with juniors and seniors making the best college choices for their individual set of skills and academic interests.

Students face decision points at essential questions that cover majors, size of the college, distance from home, acceptance rates, opportunities to study abroad, tuition and scholarships, living environments, athletics, extracurriculars, proximity to a city, safety, and other criteria.

Outcomes from College Quest include a heightened interest of preparing for college earlier, more self-awareness, an increase in academic performance, and a better understanding of the application process, among others.

SUA students who participate in this four-year process of finding the perfect college match report success in choosing the perfect college for their skills and academic interests.

Parents say...

“Loved the interaction with other parents and students.”

“College Quest helps girls think about how actions now impact future choices.”

Students say...

“College Quest really helped me know what's important for college.”

“Glad I took part in this program. It was really helpful.”