College Counseling

St. Ursula Academy’s emphasis on strong academics extends to individual attention for every step of her college decision journey.

Our dedicated college counselor works with each student during all four years in high school to ensure that she finds her perfect collegiate match. SUA truly sees this process as a collaboration among students, parents, and counselors.

Students use Naviance, our online system, for all four years in high school to track application data, research career options, find college matches, and determine academic programs that meet their career interests. 

We encourage students to tour colleges during their early years of high school to gather knowledge of programs, class sizes, costs, activities, housing situations, communities, and commute times.  We feel it's never too early to begin the important college evaluation process, so our students know from the first year of high school that they are working toward this significant decision.


Freshman Year

All students take the Pre-ACT test to connect their academic strengths and interests to potential careers.

SUA is the only high school in the nation to offer the College Quest program, a unique, hands-on experience for students and families to engage in the college process beginning freshman year.  This interactive program involves a “road map” for students and parents to learn about the necessary steps to prepare for college throughout each year of high school.  SUA offers three College Quest session options per class each year.

Sophomore Year

In addition to a student’s College Quest session, SUA’s college counselor teaches the required Leading Self course. In this course, sophomores take self-assessment and personality tests to learn more about themselves. While interacting with students in the classroom, the College Counselor learns more about each girl—and she also helps the students begin the self-advocacy process required for the demanding college application process, while building her leadership abilities at the same time.

Junior and Senior Years

The Career Exploration Project provides students with important information about potential career opportunities that complement their personality style and interests. Every junior will shadow at least one career professional and reflect about how her experience matched her personality assessments and proposed college majors and programs. 

The elective Women in Leadership class, also taught by the college counselor, provides juniors with another opportunity to learn about leadership and incorporate this skill into future studies and career interests.

Our college counselor meets with students and parents to discuss the complete college application process, including applying for financial aid and scholarships, gathering letters of recommendations, and learning to interview. 

Our students may meet individually at SUA with college and university representatives from more than 50 institutions who regularly visit our school because of our accomplished students and our reputation for strong academics and well-rounded graduates.

We offer two informational programs on the financial aid application process each fall.

Our college counselor works one-on-one with students to guide them in writing their activities resumes and personal essays to submit with college applications.

Senior Year

Our goal is that every student has completed the vast majority of her college application steps before she attends College Application Lift-off in August of her senior year.

Recent SUA graduates have been accepted to Northwestern University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, University of North Carolina, University of Notre Dame, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest University, Miami University, University of Michigan, and Ohio State University.