What Makes Us Undeniably Ursula?

St. Ursula Academy, a school like no other, embraces a culture of joyful learning in an empowering environment as we prepare each young woman for college and for life.

At SUA, we construct a customized learning path that allows each individual girl to embrace her possibilities, to deepen her faith, to explore new directions, to lead her peers in and out of the classroom—and to flourish through every experience. 

That’s growth. That’s sisterhood. That’s Undeniably Ursula.

It’s the “HOW” we do it that makes all the difference.

Our Undeniably Unique academic experience includes the following:

4x4 Collegiate Block ScheduleImagine learning six years of math, science, or fine arts in four years, allowing for concentration in a subject. That’s what SUA’s 4x4 Collegiate Block Schedule allows. Unique to SUA in northwest Ohio, the 4x4 Block Schedule mirrors a college experience. We offer semester courses in four 80-minute classes each day, with two semesters comprising the academic year. Personal and meaningful instruction, lively and collaborative lesson plans, and smaller student loads provide deeper learning and relationships that change lives. The 4x4 Collegiate Block Schedule maximizes the educational experience.

Academic Excellence delivered through the Advanced Placement ProgramSUA’s choice to offer the most internationally accepted and acclaimed method of advanced instruction provides students with challenging courses and a means to earn college credits while in high school. We offer 19 AP courses, and more than 66 percent of our juniors and seniors take at least one AP exam each year. Our pass rate of 76 percent far exceeds the state and national averages of 60 and 61.3 percent, respectively. 

All-Girls AtmosphereThe empowering feelings of sisterhood and leadership permeate SUA. Students step out of their comfort zones into new activities and courses, participate in class, try out for different sports, or start a new student club. The all-girls, positive environment is an SUA core strength. Student confidence leads to personal growth and empowerment with lifelong impact.

Spirit of St. Angela MericiFounded in the Ursuline tradition and rooted in the Catholic faith, SUA’s motto, “For the Glory of God Alone,” inspires all we do. Through theology classes, service projects, Catholic teachings, and retreats, our Arrows learn and embrace the teachings of our foundress, who loved God above all and advocated for education for women and love for community. St. Angela’s legacy is part of the guiding philosophies shown daily at SUA. 

Leadership—The SUA Leadership Program is a nine-week required course for every high school student that takes place during the school day. Each year’s curriculum builds on that of the previous year. For freshmen, the content covers growth mindset, teamwork, confidence, public speaking, collaboration, and other essential topics—all conveyed through hands-on activities and group projects. Students also benefit from the enhanced leadership training for teachers, as well as from guest speakers for the entire student body who will focus on leadership. SUA’s Leading Self course is still in place for sophomores.

Every type of leader—the quiet girl in the back with great ideas, the organizer, the collaborator, the courageous speaker—will enhance her skills, grow beyond her expectations, and find the tools she needs to be a life-long leader—in her own style—in her career, family, and community.

College QuestSUA’s one-of-a-kind, interactive “best-fit” college process guides each student and her parents from freshman year through senior year to make the best possible choice for her college experience. This engaging method, the only one of its kind in the country, uses a “road map” approach to the yearly gatherings, allowing students and parents to see both the specific actions needed for success each year and the ultimate progression toward college acceptance. College Quest is one reason that the Class of 2022 secured more than $16.2 million in college scholarships, and that remarkable amount was earned by 91 percent of the graduates.

Caring CommunitySUA faculty and staff routinely go “above and beyond,” modeling the Ursuline Core Value of Care of the Individual every day. Every single student is unique and important. Our faculty and staff, often led by the counseling team, work with students to ensure that they are effectively managing the many aspects of a middle school or high school experience. From working with individual students on course selections and academic progress to checking on social interactions to ensuring spiritual growth, SUA team members go the extra mile to forge connections with students and keep a watchful eye on their emotional and social well-being. This sense of a caring community is one of the hallmarks of St. Ursula Academy’s 168-year-old legacy.   

We have so much more to share! We encourage you to explore our website and visit our campus. Experience for yourself what it truly means to be Undeniably Ursula.