SUA Artists Install Mural at First Tee Lake Erie and Boys & Girls Club Location
St. Ursula Academy

St. Ursula Academy students in the Community Art and Production class recently designed and created a mural for the First Tee of Lake Erie and Boys & Girls Club within the Dattilo Youth Leadership Center in Toledo’s Reynolds Corner neighborhood. First Tee serves the area’s youth by providing lessons in character through the game of golf.

As part of the course’s curriculum, Caroline Jardine, the course instructor, leads students in large-scale community art installations. She contacted members of the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo to see if other artists knew of an organization that could benefit from a brightened space, and her fellow community creatives suggested First Tee.

The 11 students met with directors from First Tee and Boys & Girls Club to brainstorm ideas for the 38-by-eight-foot mural. “Our students set a timeline for the project, visited the site, collaborated on ideas, took turns leading the project, and worked on the mural every day throughout this semester,” Jardine said. “Not only did they enhance their artistic skills, but they also learned more about their individual skill sets, the way professional artists work on site, and the interpersonal skills—including patience, prioritizing, and delegating—needed for a large-scale project.”

Isabell Lee ’24 enjoyed the project’s artistic challenge. “My classmates and I collaborated and used our creative abilities to make the community a better, happier, and more colorful place.” Megan Walters-Aughney ’24 said the project’s outcome brought more to the community than just an artistic improvement. “In this mural, the kids at First Tee and Boys & Girls Club see themselves represented. It was important to us that we had a diverse group of children included, as diversity was one of the mural's core themes. I hope it will be a welcoming sight for any current and future members!”

Adam Reny, President and CEO of First Tee, said, “The completed work has brought an element of creativity and color to the space, which has been very well received by the participants and staffs!”

Jim Ravas, Boys & Girls Club President and CEO, said, “First Tee of Lake Erie and the Boys & Girls Club of Toledo are honored to receive this transformational gift from St. Ursula Academy, which has built one of the finest high school art programs in the Toledo area. SUA has provided us with a beautiful piece of art that will span many years and spark learning and discussion across the entire curriculum of organizations.”

First Tee and Boys & Girls Club will unveil the mural on May 9 at 4:30 p.m.



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