SUA 2019-2020 Fall Sports All-TRAC Athletes
St. Ursula Academy

Cross Country

TRAC Champions
District Runner Up
TRAC Coach of the Year:
Joe Shoots

Cross Country Conference Awards:
Annie Bennett - 1st Team TRAC
Alyssa Heer - 2nd Team TRAC
Holly Shade - 2nd Team TRAC
Morgan MacDonald - 2nd Team TRAC
Ava Heer - Honorable Mention TRAC

Cross Country All Academic TRAC:
Annie Bennett, Alyssa Heer, Holly Shade, Tiare Nicholas-Bublick, Ava Heer, Brynn McGowan, Ellie White, Makayla Calgie


TRAC Champions
Sectional Champion
District Runner-Up
Placed 10th at State

Golf Conference Awards:
Paige Zolciak - 1st Team TRAC, 1st Team NW District, TRAC Player of the Year
Payton Donnelly- 1st Team TRAC, District All Tournament Team, 2nd Team NW District
Lexie Murphy - 1st Team TRAC, Honorable Mention District
Hannah Chung - 1st Team TRAC
Averi Cline - Honorable Mention TRAC
Amanda Momany - Honorable Mention TRAC

Golf All Academic TRAC:
Paige Zolciak, Lexie Murphy, Amanda Momany


TRAC Champions
Sectional Champions

Soccer Conference Awards:
Grace Turski -  1st Team TRAC, TRAC Player of the Year
Miranda Sullivan - 1st Team TRAC
Alli Currey - 1st Team TRAC
Lindsey Smith - 1st Team TRAC
Lily Turski - 2nd Team TRAC
Emma Cullis - 2nd Team TRAC
Olivia DelVerne - Honorable Mention TRAC
Carlin Pendell - Honorable Mention TRAC
Hailey Johnson - Honorable Mention TRAC

Soccer All Academic TRAC:
Madisson Adams, Maddie Barnesky, Emma Caldwell, Emma Cullis, Alli Currey, Olivia DelVerne, Meredith Foster, Karina Goldsmith, Kathleen Hurley, Hailey Johnson, Kelli Monaghan, Carlin Pendell, Jenna Poturalski, Roya Rashid, Sydney Rudolph, Bryn Smith, Miranda Sullivan, Lucy Turner, Grace Turski, Lily Turski, Samantha Wiczynski, Summer Wielgopolski, Hannah Zenk


3rd Place TRAC
Team Tournament Regional Finalist

Tennis Conference Awards:
Ava Moore - 1st Team TRAC
Marissa Patino - 2nd Team TRAC
Meghan Barrow - 2nd Team TRAC
Kate Harms - 2nd Team TRAC
Allie Myers - 2nd Team TRAC
Zoe Flores Rae - Honorable Mention TRAC
Megan Britsch - Honorable Mention TRAC

Tennis All Academic TRAC:
Samantha Gallup, Zoe Flores-Rae, Allie Myers, Maria Richard, Megan Britsch, Molly Forgach, Kate Harms, Ava Moore


TRAC Champions
Sectional Champions
District Champions
Regional Runner Up

Volleyball Conference Awards:
Hannah Best - 1st Team TRAC, 1st Team District, 2nd Team All Ohio, TRAC Player of the Year
Jillian Seitz - 1st Team TRAC, 1st Team District, Honorable Mention All Ohio
Anna Henry - 1st Team TRAC, 2nd Team District, Honorable Mention All Ohio
Payton Morman - 2nd Team TRAC, 2nd Team District
Jenna LaMantia - Honorable Mention TRAC
Katie Baumgartner - Honorable Mention TRAC

Volleyball All Academic TRAC:
Katie Baumgartner, Hannah Best, Amanda Drees, Kelly Felix, Aly Finch, Ava Forrester, Anna Henry, Alexia Lewinski, Payton Morman, Emma Organ, Jillian Seitz, Lauren Seitz

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