St. Angela Reflection - May 2020
Sister Donna Frey, OSU

"Seeking to spread peace and harmony"
Fifth Counsel

Our world today is in such great need of peace and harmony.  One wonders with wars, upheavals, poverty, hunger, climate change, immigration and especially the coronavirus, what can I do as just one person.

Sometimes we think these issues are somewhere else on the earth but we know so well they are in our own backyards. Food kitchens, pantries, doctors and nurses try to address the need but are always looking for more and more help. 

Any program or event can address any of the many needs but it usually starts with one person who had an idea.  That’s all it takes.  A next step is to find one other person who feels the same way and eventually one turns into many and a group is formed.

We have heard many times that peace begins at home.  Maybe all we need to do to further the spreading of peace is to acknowledge how much we are already doing.  It just takes a moment to look around us and see where a kind face, a smile, dropping a note to someone, calling a friend in need or just being present to someone who needs to be connected is an opportunity to spread peace.

St. Angela lived in a time of sickness, war and unrest.  She spent time with people who lost family members and loved ones.  Many hours of her day were spent listening to others and spending time with them, just being compassionate. 

It is really quite easy to be a peaceful person who spreads love and joy to others.  It is in the simple acts of kindness that we do that make the difference. 

As a popular song says: “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Director of Mission Effectiveness


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