St. Angela Reflection - January 2021
Sister Donna Frey, OSU

"Regard yourselves as ministers and servants."
First Counsel

As we begin a new year our traditions remind us that New Year’s Resolutions are often made. I would like to think that resolutions are only reminders of how we want to better ourselves or challenge ourselves to something new.

Sometimes it is not a matter of “exterior” things that surround us but more a matter of an interior look at life with new eyes, seeing life from a different perspective through new lenses or with a new attitude. As St. Angela Merici says, "regard yourselves as ministers and servants."  Other words for “regard” include the following: respect, esteem, honor, observe, gaze.

Let us look upon our role in the lives of the young ladies at SUA with the attitude of respect and honor, just gazing at ourselves in how we interact, connect and communicate. We want to see ourselves in God’s service to them, ministering to them with kindness and compassion, not just fulfilling a job responsibility. 

We humble ourselves in God’s mercy, calling upon God to gently guide our students toward a loving, peaceful existence in all things, not just in the educational world. We have been given a sacred task and must be tender in how we relate to one another. 

In this new year with new beginnings, trust yourself and love yourself for who you are.

Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Director of Mission Effectiveness


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