St. Angela Reflection - August 2020
Sister Donna Frey, OSU

"...above the multitudes of the stars."
Rule - On Prayer

When we are away from the lights of the city and look up to the star-studded sky we are often amazed at the beauty of the night sky. One cannot begin to count the stars. 

St. Angela “sees the name of Jesus blessed throughout the world, ‘above the sands of the seas, above the drops of the waters, above the multitudes of the stars’.” Rule 6:26

St. Angela often got caught up in prayer at the joy of being so loved by God or being so blessed with the goodness of God as God gifted her with family, good relationships, the ability to experience pilgrimage and all God showered upon her. Her devotion to the Passion and suffering of our Lord often led her into a depth of great love for people who suffered and struggled with life. 

What sorts of things or experiences do we get caught up in that bring us to a new sense of wonder? Do we allow ourselves to experience utter joy? When was the last time we looked at a sunrise or sunset and could only say “WOW!”

What does it take for us to be moved to wonder and awe in our daily lives?

Where are the sparks of joy in our lives? When do we experience the beauty of “fireworks” or the embers of a campfire? 

Prayer, for St. Angela, ignited in her an even greater love for her Lover, her God. Her relationship with God was essential to her love of others and all she was able to be for those who needed her. May our faith, love and trust in God be so great that we can look up at the night sky filled with “the multitude of stars” and just say “WOW!”


Sister Donna Frey, OSU
Director of Mission Effectiveness


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