Meet our New Faculty and Staff!
St. Ursula Academy

St. Ursula Academy welcomes its new team members! 


Danielle Dastoli—Biology and Honors Biology

Danielle Dastoli graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, specializing in Adolescent to Young Adult Education with a focus in Life Science and Chemistry.

Fun fact: When her great grandparents came to America from Italy, their last name was spelled “D’Astoli.” Officials at Ellis Island changed it to make it look more American.


Isaiah Hicks—Modern American History and Government

Isaiah Hicks earned a bachelor’s degree in Adolescent to Young Adult Education with a focus on Social Studies and a master’s degree in History with a focus on Black Studies. 

Fun fact: He is one of nine siblings.


Richelle O’Mara—ELA 6, ELA 8, Composition, and English I

Richelle O’Mara has a bachelor’s degree in English Secondary Education and a Master in Curriculum and Instruction. She is in her 19th year of teaching; her most recent job was at St. Joseph Erie.

Fun fact: Her passion is organizing! 


Maria Reyes—Spanish II first semester, Spanish I and III next semester

Maria Reyes has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Spanish. Previously, she was a Teaching Instructor of Spanish I at Bowling Green State University.

Fun fact: Spanish is her first language. 


Kevin Richard—Modern World History, JA World History, Modern American History

Kevin Richard earned a bachelor’s degree in History and a Master of Education at University of Toledo. He did his student teaching at Dundee High School and was a substitute in Sylvania Schools prior to coming to SUA.

Fun fact: He is thrilled to be at SUA!


Katie Stubleski—School Counselor (Last names O-Z)

Katie Stubleski graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing. After several years as a Marketing Manager, she changed careers—she recently earned a Master of Arts in Counselor Education from University of Toledo.

Before joining the school counseling team, she worked for several years as a Marketing Manager and spent one year as a school counselor intern in the Sylvania Schools, where learned to incorporate play, art, and movement in a counseling practice. 

Fun fact: Mrs. Stubleski grew up in the Cleveland area. She is a nature lover and mom to a one-year-old son. 


Mary Claire Miller—JA Music, Piano

Mary Claire Miller graduated from Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, with concentrations in piano performance and composition. She also earned a master's degree in Music Composition from Bowling Green State University. Before joining the SUA team, she was a piano accompanist for the Cincinnati Children's Choir and taught music at St. Augustine Catholic School in Napoleon. 

Fun fact: Ms. Miller writes lullabies for her nieces and nephews and has visited many U.S. national parks.  She is also the owner of Field Lily Music, a private piano studio.


Stephanie Fullenkamp—Technology Fundamentals, Web Design, ELA 6

Stephanie Fullenkamp graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, majoring in Integrated Language Arts Grades 7-12. She also has a Master of Education in Computer Technology Grades K-12. Before coming to SUA, she worked at several other schools, including St. Rose in Perrysburg. 

Fun fact: She has four children (ages 15, 8, 7, and 4).


Yolanda Durden—Alumnae Engagement Coordinator

Yolanda Durden, an SUA alumna ’86, received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Toledo. Prior to joining the SUA team, she worked for several non-profits, as well as in two educational settings. She also owned a regional transportation business with her husband.

Fun fact: Mrs. Durden’s daughter is also an alumna (Class of 2014), and she is newly enrolled in the College of Medicine at the University of Toledo.


Roxy Fair—Maintenance Department

Roxy Fair is a 2013 graduate of SUA, and she is proud to be an Arrow!

Fun fact: Roxy works at Barnes and Noble on the weekend.


Carrin Ferguson—Women’s Health

Carrin Ferguson earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Marquette University and a master’s degree in Public Health—with a focus on Health Promotion and Education—from the Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health. Before her time at SUA, she worked in Corporate Wellness and Healthcare Analytics positions.

Fun fact:  Mrs. Ferguson is an Arrow alumna. She has completed two marathons. She is also a mom, stepmom, and pet owner (cat and dog!).


Phoebe Rapp—Long-term Substitute and Facilitator

Phoebe Rapp has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History and a Master of Education in Art Education. She taught art at SUA for four years. Prior to teaching, she was a gallery manager, an instructor at the Toledo Museum of Art, and an adjunct professor in University of Toledo’s Art Education department.

Fun fact: Mrs. Rapp is a freelance artist and writer; her writing has been published in Toledo Area Parent

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