December 2017 – Angela Reflection

“We must be moved solely by charity and zeal for souls.”
St. Angela Merici – 3rd Legacy/15

Zeal for souls – what does that mean?
What motivates us to act with goodness?

Simply put, St. Angela had a balanced approach for the good of the individual. She was prudent and wise in her demeanor and yet could “prune” with respect and gentleness. Angela knew instinctively how to face conflict with another in such a way that the other felt safe and loved at the same time.

When we find ourselves in situations of confrontation, conflict or struggle with another, our motivation must be out of respect and charity for the betterment of all involved. To have to correct someone, or help modify another’s behavior, or take an authoritative stance, we need to remember that all should be treated with dignity and out of concern.

To come on strong, harsh, overbearing, and domineering will get us nowhere. When we need to approach another in a difficult situation let us remind ourselves of how we would want to be treated – with humaneness and kindness.

Zeal implies intense enthusiasm, fervor, warmth and emotion. It is like having a passion for goodness, kindness and life. If we approach another being with warmth and honesty, acceptance and understanding are far more likely to be found.

Be moved by God’s love, and feeling loved will move us to God.

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