2016 Fall Schedule

9/24- Frogtown Regatta- Toledo
10/1- Charlie Doyle Memorial- Dayton
10/8- Head of the Grand- Lansing
10/15- Huron Sprints- Ann Arbor
10/29- Halloween Sprints- Ann Arbor

“…..it takes an hour to learn ……a life time to perfect…."

Cynthia Marley - cmarley@toledosua.org


Why SUA Rowing?

There are many reasons to row - from college admissions, to personal development and satisfaction, to camaraderie and teamwork. Rowing is a total team experience that completely immerses the athlete like no other sport. Read: Rowing, or the Greatest Decision You Will Ever Make.

Do I need experience?

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!! 'Novice' rowing is, by definition, only for people in their first year of rowing. 'Novice' was created so women can learn the sport and race against athletes of similar experience at other high schools.

What is the age range of the team?

Rowing is not an OHSAA Sport! Due to this fact, students in the Junior Academy are able and welcome to be on the SUA Rowing team! Currently our team is comprised of 8th graders through 12th graders. One of the best things about rowing is that no prior experience is required, so unlike most SUA Sports, Arrows can begin rowing while in the SUA JA. Any Arrow grades 8-12, is welcome to join the team with no experience necessary, come give rowing a try!

College Admissions

For parents and students, one of the primary advantages of high school rowing is the benefit of improved college admissions. The application process for the best colleges has become more competitive and selective than ever. Rowing is the fastest growing NCAA sport and many colleges recruit for crew and many even offer scholarships. The overall improvement in admissions for athletes who row is significant and clearly evident in the SUA Rowing program.

What are Tryouts like?

There are no official "tryouts" for SUA Rowing, so it is not a "cut" sport. You will learn how to row, try rowing in a boat, and you will either love it or not. If you are bringing a good attitude and good effort, we will keep you! Arrows are welcome to join the team even if the season has begun; we will accept new rowers anytime!!

How do I know if I’ll be any good?

Trust your coaches to get you where you need to be. If you really want to try something new, and you are a positive person who likes learning and challenging herself, then come out. There are no cuts, if you bring a good attitude and are working hard, we will work hard to make sure you have every opportunity for success. And you never know unless you try!

What will my experience be like if I'm an SUA Rower?

The team experience in rowing is like no other. Athletes form very close and lifelong friendships, and have a lot of fun in the process!! They become responsible to their team and help each other develop and perform. Other sports talk about responsibility and teamwork; but in rowing, it is the performance of the crew together that counts more than any one individual. Many students find that rowing gives them that social group which they have been searching for!

What type of athlete is SUA Rowing looking for?

Someone with a combination of the following:

• Athletic Background -- Or interested in trying a new sport

• Good Team Player

• Eager to Learn

• Wants to represent SUA across the country!

What is the difference between the Fall and Spring seasons?

Rowing is an annual sport with periodized training and competition.

In the Fall - The Fall Season typically begins in early August and runs through the end of October. Rowers focus more on training to develop overall aerobic fitness and endurance; good rowing technique is also a primary focus. Fall regattas are able to reflect this training phase with longer distance races (Head Races), which are typically 5,000 meters in length.

In the Spring - The Spring Season typically begins at the end of February and runs through the middle of May. Training shifts to add the development of strength and anaerobic power. Spring regattas reflect this with shorter sprint races, which are typically 1,500 meters in length. The season culminates with the Midwest Scholastic Championship Regatta and for qualifying boats, Scholastic Nationals.

Do I have to row both seasons?

SUA Rowing competes during two seasons (Fall and Spring). While rowing both seasons is encouraged, it is not a requirement.

Lightweight/Openweight/Coxswain….HUH??? Which one is right for me?

Coxswains (pronounced cox-ns) are generally the smallest team members (under 110lbs) but they have the biggest personality. A cox’s primary responsibility is steering and motivation. Coxswains learn the technique, workout with their teammates and work on specific strategy and motivation for racing. Then we put them in a seat where they have a microphone and can talk to the whole boat. We teach everyone how to row in the beginning and work on coxing skill sets from there.

Within SUA Rowing, there are two sub-squads: Open weight and Light weight.

Lightweights Rowers are women of smaller stature who volunteer to row at 130lbs or lighter. If you are naturally around 110-130lbs, you should definitely consider lightweight rowing.

Openweight Rowers include everyone over 130 lbs.

*Lightweight rowers are able to row/compete in openweight events, but openweight rowers are not able to row/compete in lightweight events.

Where does SUA Rowing practice take place?

The Toledo Rowing Club downtown at International Park (8 Main St, Toledo, OH 43605). During the school year, SUA Rowers carpool from school to practice; which allows for easier transportation.

I’M IN!!! Now what?

Email Coach Cynthia Marley at stursularowing@gmail.com and let her know!

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